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Restricted to Sellers, Buyers or Tenants Only

You own real estate, are buying it, or are a tenant – get help negotiating fair terms. Start here by comparing our sample Restricted Appraisal Reports to our competitors to see the SFREAppraisal difference. If you wish, later we can transition to negotiate and advocate for you if you wish.

SFREAppraisal Reports are consistently better – here’s why:

We see appraisal reports from other firms all the time, and I know or have worked with many of them in the past including national brokerage firms. Most – and many will admit it by charging you more for more detail – provide the least service they can to earn the highest billable rate. Because of their tremendous overhead many use junior appraisers and/or trainees to maximize billings, with very little research or analysis by a senior appraiser. This has become the unfortunate model for our profession and SFREAppraisal doesn’t stand for it.

Appraisers know that there are two ways to save time and maximize billings.

  1. The first is an understandable omission, to simply explain less. However, if you as a principal can’t understand the appraiser’s justifications how can you trust the value conclusion or draw your own?

  2. The second is a disservice to you and to our profession. Unfortunately, we find appraisals where there just hasn’t been enough research and analysis to assure accuracy. How would you know, if you aren’t an appraiser?

Obviously, faster is not more reliable but in any service “you get what you pay for” right?

No, that’s not true – your SFREAppraisal report will never be prepared by junior appraisers or trainees. Our technology and staff supports one appraiser with 40+ years’ experience who still has a passion for writing appraisal reports to you. We do not need to burn through a high volume of appraisals although – so that you know we have the experience it takes to be a leader in accuracy – in most years we deliver more than 100 appraisal reports (one every other day).

You will see more compelling transparency in an SFREAppraisal report. Just compare one of our sample Restricted Appraisal Reports to our competitors. Get more than just a number from your investment in a certified appraisal.

If you are selling or buying, you probably only need a Restricted Appraisal Report which is identical in value conclusions and available at a reduced cost.

When you just need to know what it’s worth, we usually recommend a less expensive but equally reliable and accurate Restricted Appraisal Report. In Florida, State Certified appraisers are permitted to provide only two report formats:

  • An Appraisal Report is a large document with deep regional, neighborhood and marketability analysis, as well as an exhaustive property description before the valuation analysis. Our Appraisal Report clients include banks, tax professionals (IRS), government agencies, attorneys and others that do not have the intimate perspective you have as a buyer or seller.

  • A Restricted Appraisal Report format is thinner, skipping right to the valuation section after a brief summary of salient facts. The bulk of the “front half” of the Restricted Appraisal Report is retained in the appraiser’s files. The report format is “restricted” in use, not in scope or accuracy, and only for sellers and buyers (so you should not expect it to be accepted by third parties that need an Appraisal Report). It is not for complex properties where we are required by law to provide more detailed description and analysis to avoid any misunderstanding of more complex valuation issues, but we’ll let you know if this is the case before we begin.

As a result, an Appraisal Report is more expensive and can require more time to prepare. We recommend a Restricted Appraisal Report for most seller and buyer situations. The valuation section is the same, so why pay for information you don’t need?

Michael P Jacobs

State-Certified General Real Estate Appraiser RZ2621

35+ Years of Experience

Mobile/Direct: (954) 649-0666

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