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Exclusively for Property Owners, Buyers, and Tenants


Whether you're a real estate owner, a potential buyer, or a tenant, get expert assistance in negotiating favorable terms. Begin your journey here by comparing our sample Restricted Appraisal Reports with those of our competitors, and observe the unique value that SFREAppraisal brings to the table. If desired, we can further assist in negotiation and advocacy on your behalf.

Why SFREAppraisal Reports Stand Out:


We routinely review appraisal reports from other firms, some of which I have worked with or know personally, including national brokerage firms. Regrettably, most aim to provide minimal service for maximum billable rates, often offloading work onto junior appraisers or trainees to boost profits. The result? Minimal research or analysis by senior appraisers. SFREAppraisal refuses to adopt this unfortunate business model.Appraisers often resort to two methods to save time and increase billings:

  1. Omitting explanations: If you, as a principal, can't comprehend the appraiser's reasoning, how can you trust the value conclusion or draw your own?

  2. Insufficient research and analysis: This disservice to you and our profession can affect the accuracy of the appraisal. Without expertise in the field, how can you identify such shortcomings?


Clearly, a quicker service doesn't equate to more reliability. However, shouldn't you "get what you pay for" in any service industry?

At SFREAppraisal, we dispel this misconception. Our reports are never compiled by junior appraisers or trainees. Our seasoned appraiser, backed by cutting-edge technology and a skilled team, boasts 40+ years' experience and continues to display passion for creating meticulous appraisal reports. While we don't churn out high volumes of appraisals, we consistently deliver over 100 appraisal reports annually, underlining our commitment to accuracy.

The SFREAppraisal difference is evident in our reports' compelling transparency. Simply compare one of our sample Restricted Appraisal Reports with those of our competitors to experience it. Get more than just a numerical figure from your certified appraisal investment.

If you're in the process of buying or selling, a Restricted Appraisal Report is likely sufficient for your needs, delivering identical value conclusions at a lower cost.


Our recommendations often lean towards the less expensive but equally reliable and accurate Restricted Appraisal Report when you simply need to know your property's worth. In Florida, State Certified appraisers are authorized to provide two report formats:

  1. An Appraisal Report: This detailed document includes comprehensive regional, neighborhood, and marketability analyses, along with an exhaustive property description preceding the valuation analysis. Clients typically include banks, tax professionals (IRS), government agencies, attorneys, and others lacking your intimate perspective as a buyer or seller.

  2. A Restricted Appraisal Report: This concise format skips right to the valuation section after a brief summary of key facts. The majority of the preliminary portion of the Restricted Appraisal Report is retained in the appraiser's files. Although "restricted" in use, not scope or accuracy, this format is primarily for sellers and buyers. Therefore, it may not be accepted by third parties requiring an Appraisal Report. It's not intended for complex properties requiring detailed description and analysis to avoid misunderstandings of complex valuation issues. We'll inform you beforehand if this is the case.


Consequently, an Appraisal Report is costlier and more time-consuming to prepare. For most sellers and buyers, we recommend a Restricted Appraisal Report. The valuation portion remains the same, so why pay for unnecessary information?

Michael P Jacobs

State-Certified General Real Estate Appraiser RZ2621

35+ Years of Experience

Mobile/Direct: (954) 649-0666

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