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Appraisal Services for Law, CPAs, Advisers & Government

You are an advocate and/or an adviser, or have stakeholders that require conclusive market observations. Michel P Jacobs MA, MAI, SRA has worked seamlessly with a wide array of real property investment managers in private and public sectors to provide salient reports and exhibits, cooperate with meeting schedules and enthusiastically communicate complex urban land concepts to diverse audiences.

When one or more stakeholders are involved an appraisal must not only be accurate, it must be very high on the credibility-scale.

We understand that credibility is a sliding-scale, composed of several elements:

  • First impression – readability and professional appearance.

  • On-time – late can never be fixed.

  • Accurate factual information – confidence that nothing has been overlooked.

  • Logical, linear analysis and support of observations persuasively.

  • Proactive – addresses questions before they’re asked.

  • Compelling conclusions consistent with the analysis – no surprises.

SFREAppraisal reports are high on the credibility-scale, going the extra mile to explain nuances behind our observations and conclusions before they become your stakeholder’s questions.

SFREAppraisal will:

  • Understand your stakeholder and provide services they can buy into.

  • Accommodate meetings and presentations.

  • For state and federal (IRS) appraisal assignments, provide “Qualified” certified appraisals. Government organizations like the IRS have narrow definitions for “Qualified Appraisers” and “Qualified Appraisals” to insure reliability.

  • Facilitate mediation or negotiation with unbiased data (comparable sales and listings, proforma analysis, etc.) with or without a value conclusion. This way, everybody can work together with verified market data to come to an agreement.

  • Review appraisal reports. Appraisals can be expensive and time consuming, so appraisers are frequently asked to review another’s work to insure reliability.

SFREAppraisal understands that advisers, lawyers, investment managers and public sector agencies need unique levels of participation and flexibility from vendors. With years of institutional appraisal experience and consulting to government agencies our deliverables are always credible, on-time and professional.

Michael P Jacobs

State-Certified General Real Estate Appraiser RZ2621

35+ Years of Experience

Mobile/Direct: (954) 649-0666

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