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Certified Appraisal Services

You know what you need if you are putting money into a deal. You want answers, evidence, and/or objective observations & conclusions.

Deliver on time and don’t screw it up.

As vulgar this sounds, because mortgage pipelines are highly structured, service-oriented and vulnerable to a wide array of competitive and regulator pressures an appraisal should not become an issue unnecessarily. We make a point of beginning each assignment quickly to avoid surprises, coordinate borrower information, and deliver on time.

Michael P Jacobs MA, MAI, SRA has been providing mortgage appraisal services since the late 1970’s, completing more than 10,000 residential form-appraisals and nearly 2,000 narrative reports on all types of non-residential properties, apartments, and land across the United States. There is little we have not already seen and resolved as far as delivery and methodology go. We are passionate about writing the three approaches every day.

  • For 20+ years we have provided narrative appraisal reports exclusively throughout South Florida.

  • Our narrative appraisal report format constantly evolves to streamline your review and keep up with USPAP requirements.

  • We will customize our appraisal reports for your company’s unique requirements.

  • Our clients tend to be selective because they want to know their appraiser.

Finally, our regular clients – especially review appraisers – appreciate Mr. Jacobs’ enthusiastic communication style, making complex issues more understandable. We frequently hear that our reports “answer questions as they come up” rarely requiring follow-up calls. We do not waste time making changes when they are required, either – we know you are under pressure to deliver, so we are too.

Take a look at our redacted samples and you will find that we provide a very good service at competitive fees and turn-around.

Contact us for Mr. Jacobs’ qualifications, certifications, insurance and to discuss joining your panel.

Michael P Jacobs

State-Certified General Real Estate Appraiser RZ2621

35+ Years of Experience

Mobile/Direct: (954) 649-0666

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